Thursday, April 23, 2009

What I Did . . .

. . . in San Francisco.

Soooooo, last weekend (after Julie's Mixed Media Class --- which was a blast!), Shari & I jumped on a plane and headed up to San Francisco. . . remember? I promised I'd post pictures of the projects we made . . .

(pssst . . . hey Shari! I need your stuff so I can take pics!)

Well . . .here they are:
This little house was designed by Alma De La Rosa. We used stamps from American Art Stamp. Do you love that tree stamp, or what?! AND . . . the house actually OPENS!

Oh baby . . . this was a marathon of a class! Eight cards in 90 minutes! It was great fun and I felt as though I had been re-introduced to Rubber Soul. . . nice clean lines, easy to work with, and great quotes. Yep . . .lots of stamps (and more paper --- egads!) are on the way.

This treasure box was made using Cosmo Cricket stuff . . . yes, I ordered the paper. (I admit, this got a little bit munched on the plane ride home . . . but I'll be able to fix it!)

A Travel Journal using stuff by TPC Studios. I really like their embellishments and paper . . . yes, I ordered their paper . . . and embellishments . . . where am I going to put it all?! Perhaps that's why the spinner landed on "frantic"?

It's a Dog Tag . . . using stuff from Ten Seconds Studio . . . LOVED this stuff . . . lots of it is on the way!
A Junk Journal using stuff by 7 Gypsies. Their Binderie Punch is something else! Battery operated and goes through board book like butter!

A keychain using stuff from Hampton Art . . . they have a great Glue Pad . . and I was quite sparkly when I was done with this project . . .glitter, glitter everywhere, on my face, in my hair . . .you get the idea.

Finally, my Grungebook. I'm very proud of this project . . . by the time class was over, I thought I was going to fall over . . . . Mr. Tim Holtz (yep! he was the instructor, LIVE and in person) said that this may have been a little ambitious for a 90 minute class . . . he was right. The class lasted 2.5 hours . . . and worth absolutely every second!

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Nancy said...

Wow, Shari's wall hanging & hummingbird are beautiful!

Betsy, La Vida Creations said...

That travel journal is rad! Great details on them all.

Sharon said...

Thank you. I'm very pleased and proud with the hummingbird. Now I need to finish my other Julie inspired piece. The wall hanging was great fun, too... and meeting Tim Holtz wasn't so bad either! ;-)
The journal is amazing! Cat's creation in her Tim Holtz experience. I'm anxious to create one myself.