Saturday, June 27, 2009

What a Great Day!

I gotta tell ya . . . it's been quite some time since I've taught a workshop . . . and after teaching Metal Mania today, well . . . I realized just how much I've missed it!

And the very best part is to see how excited the attendees are with their work. ***sigh*** . . . .yes, that is the very, very best part.

Of course, I didn't take pics during the workshop (I was too busy yappin') . . .but I did take pictures of the journals (which is just one of the three projects they completed).
Here they are:
Nancy chose Kiss Me Pink for the journal cover and Plum for the dog tag:

Pam chose Red and Plum:
Patty chose Chocolate Brown and Black . . .and instead of attaching the dog tag to her journal, she embossed her daughter's initial and left the chain full length:

Sally chose Black and Plum:

Aren't they fabulous? Aren't they spectacular?

Thank you ladies for a GREAT day!


Jilly said...

Great job everyone! Thank you for sharing them with the blog!!!

Nancy said...

Thanks Cat, it was a great class!